Papaya Wellness is fitness. Who are you? 

You are a personal trainer, fitness or bootcamp instructor who cares deeply about your clients. You’re looking to stand out and offer unique fitness opportunities while expanding your client base.  You want to mix up your weekly boot camp and training offerings.  You’re looking for an opportunity to build relationships and enhance client loyalty. You're looking to create the perfect beach bum and have a paradise adventure while at it.  

Let's do it together. 

Destination-based fitness retreats are the new yoga retreats. Set yourself apart and enhance your offerings while enjoying the beautiful country of Nicaragua, one of Central America's best-kept secrets.

The experienced planners of Papaya Wellness tackle the heaving lifting to seamlessly plan a unique, memorable and affordable week-long retreat so that you and your students can relax and rejuvenate on the incredible coastline of Nicaragua. Your package becomes whatever you want; whether yoga, surfing world-class breaks, fitness, running, swimming, horseback riding, massages, or simply enjoying the endless beaches of the Emerald Coast, let us take care of you to create your vision in paradise.